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At Youth Giving Services, we are dedicated to fostering positive change through tailored offerings that empower youth-serving organizations.

Empowering Positive Change Together

Join hands with The International Social Impact Institute® (The ISII) through Youth Giving Services as we are dedicated to fostering positive change by empowering youth-serving organizations. Our specialized services encompass training, consulting, impactful events, collaboration strategies, and generative AI solutions. With a commitment to driving positive societal impact, let’s collaborate to shape a future of change and transformation.

Who We Help

Youth-Serving Organizations

  • Our comprehensive support reaches a wide spectrum of youth-serving organizations, including academic institutions, leadership development and fellowship programs, youth funders, and youth centers.
  • By offering specialized consulting services, tailored courses, and dynamic events, we empower these entities to optimize their influence and cultivate the aspirations of young changemakers.
  • Our strategic guidance and resource provisioning play a pivotal role in advancing their initiatives, fostering synergistic partnerships that enhance their ability to effectively serve and empower youth.

How We Help / Services

Navigate through our diverse suite of services tailored to empower youth-serving organizations in driving positive change and fostering lasting impact. To delve into the array of services we provide to enhance your organization’s potential for transformative influence, simply click on the plus signs below to expand the options:

Our customized training programs and courses focus on skill enhancement, innovation cultivation, and social impact promotion. Topics range from leadership development and digital storytelling to strategic planning, fundraising and sustainable business practices.

Our consulting and advisory services cater to organizations committed to social impact. We offer tailored guidance and strategic advice to help you refine your mission, develop sustainable business models, and enhance your overall social impact strategy. Our team of experts brings extensive experience across various sectors to provide valuable insights and recommendations to drive organizational growth and positive change.

We develop and host webinars, seminars, conferences, and other events for organizations that unite thought leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders from various sectors. These platforms facilitate the exchange of insights, nurture collaboration, and spark innovative ideas that lead to positive change. Our expertise extends to creating tailor-made events that align with your organization's goals and ethos.

We assist organizations with collaboration and partnership building among organizations and institutions who share a common vision. Through partnership strategy development networking opportunities, collaborative projects, we connect change agents, thought leaders, funders, and other stakeholders. This collective impact approach enhances outcomes and accelerates positive change.

Leveraging generative AI, we aid organizations in crafting impactful narratives, engaging stakeholders, and driving meaningful social impact. Our AI-driven solutions enable clients to harness the transformative potential of emerging technologies and create compelling stories that resonate with their audiences.

Benefits of Working with Us

Discover the multitude of benefits awaiting you when you partner with Youth Giving Services to drive social impact. Simply click on each benefit below to expand and explore the array of advantages that come with collaborating with us:

Our team brings great expertise in social impact, consulting, education, and emerging technologies like generative AI. We comprehend the field's challenges and opportunities, offering valuable insights and guidance.

We understand each client's unique goals and needs. Through a tailored approach, we collaborate closely to develop custom solutions that address challenges and maximize impact. Our commitment to service excellence stems from The ISII's founder Liz Ngonzi's hospitality background and training at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.

Our services are grounded in a proven methodology, blending research, best practices, and innovation. Data-driven insights and cutting-edge strategies help clients achieve their goals and drive meaningful change.

Partnering with us provides access to a diverse network of like-minded organizations, thought leaders, and changemakers. Collaborations amplify impact and create opportunities for learning and growth.

We embrace multi-language capabilities, cultural sensitivity, and geographical tailoring. With founder Liz Ngonzi's international background and our global presence, inclusivity and accessibility guide our services.

Contact us today to explore how Youth Giving Services can join your organization in driving social impact and creating a better future for all.

Our Featured Impact

We proudly showcase some of The International Social Impact Institute’s featured projects that illustrate the impact and success of our work. These projects reflect collaborations with clients and partners from diverse sectors, highlighting our ability to drive positive change through our services. Click on each card to delve into our featured projects.

Youth Giving Summit

The Virtual Youth Giving Summit comprised four parts, focusing on inspiration, connection, activation, and transformation. It emphasized building communities and fostering collaborative efforts for positive global change.

CIVICUS Youth Action Lab

Strengthening Youth-led Movements through The Youth Action Lab 2021-2022, a cohort that enhanced storytelling and partnership development for activism.

Personal Brand Story Webinar

The workshop titled “You Matter And So Does Your Story" empowered participants to attract opportunities for a better life, in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University's Student Employability and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) project.


At Youth Giving, we invite you to join our global movement, where youth are empowered to shape the world they want to live in and drive meaningful change for a brighter future. Here’s what some of our changemakers and partners have to say about their experiences with Youth Giving:


Young Changemaker

Youth Serving Organization

Youth Advocate / Enthusiast

Youth Serving Organization

Join us in this movement that extends far beyond words. At Youth Giving, we extend an open invitation to your youth-serving organization, inviting you to become an integral part of our global journey. As a youth-serving organization aiming to enhance your impact, our platform offers something of immense value.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, where the voices and actions of youth shape a more equitable, sustainable, and socially just world. Together, we hold the power to empower the next generation of changemakers and to collectively illuminate a brighter future for all.

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