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Brea Reimer-Baum
Brea Reimer-Baum

Ah… the world of social media. Can’t live with it, definitely can’t live without it. In a world where supporters are on their phones on a near-constant basis, nonprofit groups need to stay current on social media trends to retain and…

Isabel Dawson

Communication is a valuable and helpful tool in many aspects of life, and philanthropy is not an exception—communication is crucial and vital to the success of a program. Philanthropy requires communication between donors, foundations, and nonprofits. Feedback from those directly…

Luke Sturtz

During my time as a youth philanthropist, I have been a part of two amazing organizations: the HANDS Foundation (Helping Achieve New Direction through Students) & phish (philanthropic ideas strategy and heart).  phish is composed of members from youth pods like HANDS, and serves as facilitators, middle-men, and host workshops for…