Spread the Word About YouthGiving.org

In order to support and scale this movement, we need to make sure people use YouthGiving.org how it was intended – as a gathering place for young people and the adults who support them to raise their voices by sharing expertise, stories, resources, news, outcomes, and ways to engage in grantmaking. Help us get the word out!

Why? Because it will help us build the platform and strengthen more youth giving programs around the world!

Take a look at our Ambassador Toolkit for more guidance on language and messages to use when spreading the word. 

Spread the word on your website

Is your organization or foundation featured in our funding map, program directory, or anywhere else on our site? We’ve created a badge for folks to share loud and proud that they’re part of YouthGiving.org! 

Use the images below (just right click and choose “save image as…”) and contact us if you need a different size of any image!

Add a badge to your site:

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Spread the word on social media

Below is some sample text and images we’ve made available for anyone promoting YouthGiving.org on social media. For all forms of social media, we are using the same hashtags to track outreach and conversation surrounding YouthGiving.org.

In your social media outreach, please include the following hashtags: #howyouthgive #youthphil

Please feel free to use the language here or draft your own, and download optimized images and key messaging to suit your social platform of choice. To download just right click and choose “save image as…”

Facebook Images

Raise your grantmaking game. YouthGiving.org/Learn  #howyouthgive #youthphil

Resources revised

Check out how youth are giving and where at YouthGiving.org/Explore! #howyouthgive #youthphil

Funding Map

Want to see what the experts have to say about youth grantmaking? Check it out at YouthGiving.org/Connect #howyouthgive #youthphil


Twitter Images

Raise your voice! ow.ly/6x4R301BY9r #howyouthgive #youthphil


Join @fdncenter & grow the youth giving movement! ow.ly/6x4R301BY9r #howyouthgive #youthphil


Your voice can lead. ow.ly/6x4R301BY9r #howyouthgive #youthphil


Instagram Images

YouthGiving.org is a hub to catalyze youth grantmaking! #howyouthgive #youthphil

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Download Ambassador Toolkit