Teen Philanthropy Cafe: Snackable Bites on Giving, For Teens: Using Your Voice

Publication Date: December 14, 2014

Share with others the mission and meaning behind your giving. Consider whether you want to “get out there” publicly with your giving. Make a difference by using your voice. It’s natural for many philanthropists to want to keep their roles and work hidden from public view. At the same time, there are lots of compelling reasons to go public with your giving. Regardless of whether you want to “go public” with your giving, you can make a bigger difference in the world by simply talking about and engaging with the causes you care most about. Going public about your giving or your interests is a form of leadership. It’s a chance for givers to shine a light on issues that matter to them — and become a role model for others. When your friends, classmates, or others in your community find out that you feel strongly about a certain issue, it may inspire them to do the same. In that way, you are not only raising money for a cause you care about, but also raising awareness for it as well. (Check out Leadership in Philanthropy, another guide in the Teen Philanthropy CafĂ© series, to learn more about the ways philanthropists lead.) What are some ways you can go public with your giving, if that’s right for you? And how can you gain more confidence in telling peers or talking publicly about the causes you care about most? Keep reading to find out.

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