Teen Philanthropy Cafe: Snackable Bites on Giving, For Teens: The Path to Impact

Publication Date: December 14, 2014

Discuss the importance of impact in philanthropy. Learn how philanthropists strive toward and create impact. As a philanthropist (or a one-day-will-be philanthropist), you have an incredible opportunity to make a positive change — big or small — on issues and causes you care about. By cultivating a passion for something, being intentional about it, and learning all you can, you can have an impact far beyond what you thought was possible. But what is impact? You might hear people use the word impact a lot these days (especially in philanthropy), but not everyone uses or understands it in the same way. Impact can mean different things to different people — even among funders. Philanthropists often use the term when referring to the results of their giving, and whether those results match what they intended when they gave their money and time. Achieving impact through your giving may take time, and lots of experiments — some successful and others not. The good news is, there are certain ways to move toward impact. This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of impact, so that you can consider ways to make your own mark on issues you care about.

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