Teen Philanthropy Cafe: Snackable Bites on Giving, For Teens: Leadership for a Changing World

Publication Date: December 14, 2014

Discuss the value of leadership and the traits of good leaders. Learn how philanthropists act as leaders. Create action steps for leading in your community. As a philanthropist (or future philanthropist), you have the ability to make things happen. Positive things. Things that bring about change, both big and small. Foundations and philanthropists everywhere influence important issues by showing their leadership. What does this kind of leadership look like? It can take many forms. * Funding research on a local environmental problem, and getting that research into the hands of important people who make decisions to work on solving the problem * Rallying corporations, city government, and concerned citizens to save a struggling after-school youth program that you know is important. * Supporting a coalition of agencies and nonprofits to reform a state’s juvenile justice system because you believe in the innate potential of young people. * Using social media to educate about — and advocate for — the causes and organizations you care about most. Everyone has the power to lead, no matter your age, status, family role, or amount of money you have to give away. Leadership is something you can learn, and philanthropy is a great place to practice and grow it. This guide will help you explore different aspects of philanthropic leadership, so you can embrace your own inner and outer leader — now or when the time is right.

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