Global ‘Next Gen’ Trends

Publication Date: November 30, 2013

Authors: Jason Franklin

Young philanthropist Jason Franklin opens this article by noting that ‘next gen’ refers to young donors from their early twenties to early forties, but there is significant variation among donors across this age span and no hard-and-fast rule. Although it is always challenging to offer any generalizations about a global community as diverse as ‘next gen’ donors, Franklin nevertheless proposes a couple of observations in this article to offer some defining differences between ‘next gen’ donors and their older counterparts.

Franklin is executive director of Bolder Giving, a US-based non-profit that works globally to inspire people to give. He is a Lecturer on Public Administration and a doctoral candidate at New York University, where he focuses on the role of philanthropy in policy change. He is a board member of the North Star Fund, Proteus Fund, Solidaire Network and 21st Century School Fund.

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