Dekko Foundation – Youth Philanthropy Connect

Publication Date: September 9, 2013

A video about the Dekko Foundation’s youth engagement strategies, with footage from the 2013 Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference in Anaheim, CA. Includes two junior board members sharing insights. The Dekko Foundation’s “Youth Pods” began in the 1990s, when a staff member went to a family philanthropy conference and learned about youth philanthropy initiatives. With no Dekko family members at the right age, the Dekko Foundation looked to the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council model to develop youth philanthropy in the communities it serves. They partnered with the local community foundation as the fiscal agent and schools to recruit students and help run the program. The first of what they call “Youth Pods” was started in 1994 in Noble County, Indiana. There are now 13 Youth Pods in four states.

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