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From tackling climate change to protecting biodiversity, youth around the world are taking action on many critical issues facing our planet today. Explore data and insights from youth grantmakers and organizations working to support environmental causes, and learn how you can make change in your own community!

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Youth have made a total of $20.1 million in grants across different issue areas since 2001. Learn more

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    Funder Story

    Why Should Young People Fund Environmental Causes?

    By Robert Walton

    The environmental movement has been steadily gaining ground as people realize how important it is to take action in the face of ever-growing environmental concerns. Organizations across the country have tried to address problems in different ways, from looking into the science behind climate change, to starting grassroots campaigns that shift our behavior towards the earth. While there are countless approaches to helping our environment, rather than choosing one strategy over another, we need a collective effort that includes many tactics. Read More...

    Steps to Action

    1. Identify your focus!
      Issues related to the environment are all around us—from the water we drink to the plastics we consume to the wildlife in our communities. What do you want to change in your area or in the larger world around you? Picking a scope (local, regional, or global) is a great way to start thinking about where you or your group want to get involved—and don’t forget, even local actions can have a global impact!
    2. Look at the data.
      Review policies and information relating to the environmental cause you care about. Who else is giving in your area of interest and what can you learn from them? If you’re looking to act locally, a needs assessment or survey in your community can help to give you a lay of the land. If you’re looking to contribute to a regional or global cause, read up on the issue to identify gaps and opportunities before jumping to action.
    3. Make decisions.
      Using what you’ve learned about your focus area, decide how you want to support this cause. Will you be working with a group or as an individual to support an organization? Will you help a new initiative get off the ground in an overlooked issue area or will you support an existing effort? Will you be supporting multiple organizations or just one? Check out this helpful resource on grantmaking to learn the ins and outs of the process, especially if you're in a youth giving program. Remember sometimes tried and true strategies can be the way to go!
    4. Share your story.
      Once you’ve supported an organization, don’t forget to share information about your grants, including the issues your funding is aiming to impact. This helps paint a comprehensive picture of where support is going, and what changes are being made! E-mail the team if you’re interested in sharing your data or a story about your work through a blog post.

    Organizations to Watch

    Check out these youth-led organizations working on issues related to the environment!

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    By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean.

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