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  • How does knowledge get shared from a youth grantmaking program with funders, grantees, and the next group of youth leaders?

    By Isabel Dawson

    Communication is a valuable and helpful tool in many aspects of life, and philanthropy is not an exception - communication is crucial and vital to the success of a program. Philanthropy requires communication between donors, foundations, and nonprofits. Feedback from those directly affected by funded projects helps grantmaking programs to grow and improve, and gives donors more information and data. Relationships often grow from these conversations, which then allow for even easier and more open communication. When donors remain consistent, these relationships can span decades. However, building relationships can be hard with youth programs, because most have specific age limits for participating youth, creating a constant cycle of new members. If members are only in a program for three or five years, how can we keep board members, donors, and grantees building longstanding relationships and feeling connected to a program? And how can members keep passing down knowledge to new members after they have left?

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    September 19, 2016

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