Tips and Guidelines for Expert Posts

We welcome blog-style contributions for our Hear from Experts page! This section aims to share strategies, approaches, tips, and tools that build knowledge and catalyze the youth giving movement worldwide.

Here are a few guidelines for blog contributions:

  • Blog posts may cover a wide range of topics but all should address a key question relevant to youth grantmaking. Sample questions include:
    • How do you structure a new program or a youth board?
    • How do you scale an existing program?
    • How do you effectively communicate funding decisions?
    • How can a youth grantmaking program help youth develop leadership skills?
    • How do you evaluate a youth grantmaking program?
    • How do you measure the effectiveness of a youth grantmaking program?
  • Blog posts should be written in a conversational, personal tone and focused on a single topic.
  • Please provide necessary context for information in your post for readers that may not be familiar with your program or organization, and explain any jargon clearly and concisely
  • Shoot for 400-600 words, although some topics may warrant longer posts, and try to spark conversation by ending with a question or idea for readers. Include relevant links. And yes, if you’d rather film your answer on your phone, go for it! Just make sure to hold the video horizontally and record in a quiet place so we can hear you. Speak a little more slowly than normal, too, so people can follow.
  • Although we hope blog posts can help raise the visibility of organizations working in this area, posts should not have a promotional tone. Posts should be substantive, informing readers not only about an organization, program, project, or collaboration, but also about the inherent challenges and lessons learned.
  • Please include an author headshot (the higher the resolution the better!) and any other photos or images that might be relevant to the post’s topic. We will assume any images sent to us are not restricted by copyright and are appropriate for posting. Please also include a one to two sentence biographical note about the author and/or organization.
  • Posts may be edited by Foundation Center for length or style. Changes will be approved with authors before posts are published.

Here are some other ways you can contribute to

  • Submit a case study, white paper, video, or article to IssueLab, which we will add to our Learn section of the site.
  • Share our resources, blog posts, and Facebook posts:
  • Share your program’s grants data with Foundation Center and help paint a comprehensive picture of the youth giving movement.

Prospective contributors may contact the team for additional information:

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