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Empowering Youth. 

Driving Impact. 

Creating Change.

Empowering Youth. 

Driving Impact. 

Creating Change.


Welcome to the new home of Youth Giving, a pillar of The International Social Impact Institute® (The ISII). Our dedicated platform is designed to inspire, connect, activate, and transform young changemakers, and the institutions and advocates that support them.


Originally launched by Candid (formerly known as the Foundation Center) in 2016, Youth Giving has been a catalyst for positive change, enabling young people and adults interested in grantmaking to explore stories of giving, learn from experts, and raise their voices for causes they believe in.


As of International Youth Day (August 12, 2022), The International Social Impact Institute® has taken stewardship of Youth Giving, marking a new era of empowerment and collaboration.


To celebrate this milestone, we hosted the groundbreaking virtual Youth Giving Summit, igniting the passion of today’s youth to drive transformative change in their communities and beyond.

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We aim to empower and support a diverse range of stakeholders, including young changemakers, youth-serving organizations, and youth advocates. Read below to learn more about how we drive positive societal impact together.

Young Changemakers

  • We provide young individuals from around the world with the knowledge, resources, and networks to become effective advocates for equity and sustainability in their communities.
  • Through our innovative training, coaching, and events, we inspire and activate young changemakers to drive meaningful change.

Youth-Serving Organizations

  • We offer consulting services, courses, and events to youth-serving organizations, including academic institutions, youth funders, and youth centers.
  • By providing strategic guidance and resources, we help these organizations enhance their impact and support young changemakers in their initiatives.
  • We actively seek partnerships and collaborations with them, empowering them to better serve and empower youth.

Youth Advocates

  • We welcome individuals and groups who share our commitment to youth empowerment and social impact.
  • Our platform serves as a vibrant hub for youth advocates, educators, parents, and enthusiasts who seek inspiration, valuable insights, and ways to actively contribute to youth-driven initiatives.


Discover the diverse range of offerings and support we provide to empower our stakeholders in driving positive change and creating lasting impact. Learn more about what we do to make a difference.

Consulting Services​

We offer consulting services to youth-serving organizations, academic institutions, youth funders, and youth centers, empowering them with strategic guidance and support to enhance their impact and drive positive change.

Courses and Events

Our comprehensive training courses and events equip young changemakers with the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to bring their ideas to life and create sustainable impact.

Platform for Showcasing Offerings​

We provide a dynamic platform for youth-serving organizations to showcase their offerings, reach out to young changemakers, and foster collaborations for greater social impact.

Resources and Articles

Through a wealth of articles, blogs, and videos, we offer valuable resources to inspire and educate young changemakers, empowering them with insights and practical approaches to make a difference.

Leveraging Generative AI

Since 2023, The International Social Impact Institute, and consequently Youth Giving, has harnessed the power of cutting-edge technologies, including Generative AI, to revolutionize the way young changemakers and youth-serving organizations access resources and training.

By integrating Generative AI into our platform, we offer personalized and dynamic content that caters to the unique needs and interests of our users. This innovative approach enables us to deliver targeted insights, practical tools, and relevant opportunities to empower youth in their social impact journey.

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Our Featured Impact

We proudly showcase some of our featured projects that illustrate the impact and success of our work. These projects reflect collaborations with clients and partners from diverse sectors, highlighting our ability to drive positive change through our services. Click on each card to delve into our featured projects.

Youth Giving Summit

The Virtual Youth Giving Summit comprised four parts, focusing on inspiration, connection, activation, and transformation. It emphasized building communities and fostering collaborative efforts for positive global change.

CIVICUS Youth Action Lab

Strengthening Youth-led Movements through The Youth Action Lab 2021-2022, a cohort that enhanced storytelling and partnership development for activism.

Personal Brand Story Webinar

The workshop titled “You Matter And So Does Your Story" empowered participants to attract opportunities for a better life, in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University's Student Employability and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) project.


At Youth Giving, we invite you to join our global movement, where youth are empowered to shape the world they want to live in and drive meaningful change for a brighter future. Here’s what some of our changemakers, partners and event attendees have to say about their experiences with Youth Giving:


Young Changemaker

Youth Serving Organization

Youth Advocate

Join us in this movement that extends far beyond words. At Youth Giving, we extend an open invitation to you, inviting you to become an integral part of our global journey. Whether you’re a young changemaker seeking inspiration, a youth-serving organization aiming to enhance your impact, or a supporter of youth empowerment, our platform offers something of immense value.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, where the voices and actions of youth mold a more equitable, sustainable, and socially just world. Together, we hold the power to empower the next generation of changemakers and to collectively illuminate a brighter future for all.

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